01 Paradise by the Dashboard Light
02 Onterview
03 It's All Coming Back to Me now
04 Anything For Love
05 Paradise by the Dashboard Light
06 Anything For Love
07 Blind as a Bat
08 Los Angeloser
09 Paradise by the Dashboard Light
10 All of Me Medley
11 The Giving Tree
SOURCE: PRO SHOT          -        GRADE (OVERALL):
Some of Meat longer TV performances to promote an album are captured on this DVD. The first 4 tracks are from the Rockefeller plaza, where Meat performed 3 songs and an interview for the Today Show. Great quality although not Meat's best form (and we hear part of the back-up tape in the background. Then there is the great performance at Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve  with a great 'Blind as a Bat' performance (together with Paradise and Anything for Love). The Meat Loaf QVC sell shop promo with an acoustic 'Los Angeloser' and 'Paradise by the Dashboard Light' and Meat's great medley for German TV directly followed by The Giving Tree on the Leno show. It's fun to watch some of these moments back. Great quality and therefore 4 out of 5 stars.
Running Time: 45 minutes