01 All Revved Up
02 Paradise by the Dashboard Light
03 Took the Words
04 Out of the Frying Pan
05 Life is a Lemon
06 Anything for Love
07 Talk with the Audience
08 Objects in the Rearview Mirror
09 Rock and Roll Dreams
10 Seize the Night
11 Break It
12 Bad for Good
13 In the Land of the Pigs
14 Blind as a Bat
15 Band Introductions
16 It's All Coming Back To Me
17 Bat Out of Hell
18 Black Betty
19 Mercury Blues
20 Gimme Shelter
Although this is probably my least favorite Meat Loaf tour, I did miss a complete bootleg from the 'Seize the Night' or '3 Bats' tour. Of course there is the official DVD but that one was terrible. At least Meat sounds better here and the show is definitely more fun than the official Ontario release. It is the complete concert from the June 21 show in Frankfurt. The video is taken from all the way back in the venue. Still the quality is fair. Although the camera doesn't always focus on the stage. So we get plenty of shots where we see almost nothing. The sound is actually very clear. We hear everything. And for a camera recording in 2007 this sounds much better than to be expected. In the end it's not a show I will watch often but if you like the 2007 tour this surely is a bootleg to grab. Because of the good audio and the lesser video I give this 3 out of 5 stars.
Running Time: 155 minutes