01 Intro
02 Runnin' for the Redlight
03 Life is a Lemon
04 Dead Ringer
05 Break It
06 Los Angeloser
07 The Giving Tree
08 Objects in the Rearview Mirror
09 Out of the Frying Pan
10 Bat Out of Hell
11 You Took the Words
12 Heaven Can Wait
13 All Revved Up
14 Intro Two Out of Three
15 Two Out of Three
16 Paradise by the Dashboard Light
17 Speech
18 For Crying Out loud
19 Anything for Love
20 Boneyard
21 Freebird Jam/All Revved Up
If you want a great registration of the Last at Bat tour, you have to grab this one. Just like 'The Hang Cool Tour' DVD this one was created with the best available fan videos from all the 'Last at Bat' concerts. They were edited over the audio of the Oberhausen show, which is the best audio bootleg from this tour. Together they create a stunning sounding and visual dynamic concert. With great close ups and wide shots. The concert is complete and Meat Loaf sounds very good and is in great spirit. For over 2,5 hours you are able to re-experience the fantastic farewell tour of Meat Loaf and Patti Russo. A combination we will never see together again. All in all this is a true must have DVD. And because of that I can only give this the maximum of 5 out of 5 stars!
Running Time: 155 minutes