01 When I'm 64
02 Runnin' for the Redlight
03 Life is a Lemon
04 Dead Ringer
05 Break It
06 Los Angeloser
07 The Giving Tree
08 Objects in the Rearview Mirror
09 Out of the Frying Pan
10 Bat Out of Hell
11 You Took the Words
12 Heaven Can Wait
13 All Revved Up
14 Two Out of Three
15 Paradise by the Dashboard Light
16 Speech
17 For Crying Out loud
18 Anything for Love
19 Boneyard
What can I say about this bootleg. It was taped by a simple cam that can't zoom and it is complete! All 2,5 hours of the farewell tour from a packed 02 Arena in London. The sound is a bit heavy and has slight distortions. It was recorded by a Zoom H1 recorder that was placed too close to the speakers. The vocals are clear and the show is fantastic, just for the fact that it contains Objects and For Crying Out loud in one show. Meat's voice is not as strong as I'd hoped for but the band is great and the set list rocks! The video is not too clear despite the fact that it was taped from 2nd row. For the 2nd part the camera was aimed too low at occasions. So sometimes the heads are missing. I wanted to give this 4 stars but in all honesty the DVD deserves a score of three. 3 out of 5 stars 
Running Time: 149 minutes