01 All Revved Up
02 Break It
03 Out of the Frying Pan
04 You Took the Words
05 Land of the Pigs (intro)
06 I'm gonna Love her for both of us
07 Talk with the audience
08 It's All Coming Back to Me Now
09 Paradise patial
10 Bat Out of Hell
Incomplete bootleg from the 2nd leg of the 2007 Bat 3 tour. 'Bat out of hell' and 'You took the words' are incomplete and 'The butcher' and 'Paradise' are barely one minute clips. The video is taped from the side of the stage and makes it hard to recognize the people on stage. The sound has a continues distortion and isn't always clear to hear. The running time is 53 minutes while the concert was just over 2 hours. So it's not even half a concert. All in all it seems like nothing special.  But this show has a real treat. It has a very rare and complete performance of 'I'm gonna love her for both of us'. It's rare because Meat only played it during the 2nd leg of his tour and the 2nd leg only had 7 concerts because of health issues. And Meat didn't perform this song at every show. So you understand it's something special for most fans. Just because of that song this bootleg gets 2 out of 5 stars.
Running Time: 53 minutes