Meat Loaf - Adnams Newmarket Nights

01 Runnin' for the Redlight
02 Life is a Lemon
03 Dead Ringer
04 Break It
05 Hot Patootie
06 Speech
07 You Took the Words
08 Living on the Outside
09 Out of the Frying Pan
10 Anything for Love
11 Paradise by the Dashboard Light
12 Bat Out of Hell
13 Meat's Venting Time
14 All Revved Up
15 Bonus Material Newbury
Meat Loaf's show at Newmarket from Friday August 16, 2013 will be best remembered, by his fans, because of the absence of female singer Patti Russo. Instead two new ladies were introduced: Stacy and Lyssa. The concert itself was about average. Meat Loaf performed a 90 minute show with mostly songs from the Last at Bat tour. The quality of the DVD is fair. Different video sources to make the show complete but not all video material was that good. In the end 70% to 80% of the footage looks good to very good where 20% is filmed from such a distance, that it's hard to make out what you're looking at. The concert is almost complete. The last song has audio only (and comes from the Newbury concert, one day later). Speaking of audio, the sound from this DVD has basically 2 main sources. Other, less good, sound is used to fill in eventual gaps. The main sources sound okay. Lots of audience noise to be heard and not much bass but vocals are clear. Nothing special but also no distortions. Although Out of the Frying Pan has a 3 minute gap that needed to be filled and the audio of the 2nd part of the song sounds terrible with distortions all over. Luckily it is just 3 minutes. The rest is about or just above average. So is the video. I will rate this DVD with 2 stars.
Running Time: 107 minutes