01 Running for the Red Light
02 Life is a Lemon
03 Break It
04 You Took the Words
05 Dead Ringer
06 The Giving Tree
07 All Revved Up
08 Paradise by the Dashboard Light
09 Bat out of Hell
10 Two Out of Three
11 Anything for Love
12 Boneyard
13 Freebird Jam
14 All Revved Up (Reprise)
Meat Loaf's 2015 tour will not go into history as his best. It was a short tour where Meat visited small venues and casino's during the October/November months. Arizona was one of the first venues to welcome Meat and his band the Neverland Express. The video of this DVD is mostly poor and the audio is okay. Meat's performance a tiny bit boring. Because of the short 90 minute shows there wasn't much room left for his famous audience banter. In fact it was a non-stop show where many hits were performed. Unfortunately the folks on stage seem to miss the energy to make it a happening. In the end this was a tour I hop to forget as soon as possible. None the less, so far this is the only existing bootleg of a 2015 show (there is a compilation bootleg of this tour that is complete) and with okay-ish audio, bad video and a not so great performance, this gets 2 out of 5 stars
Running Time: 75 minutes