01 All Revved Up
02 Paradise by the Dashboard Light
03 Took the Words
04 Out of the Frying Pan
05 Anything for Love
06 Objects in the Rearview Mirror
07 Seize the Night
08 Monster is Loose
09 Bad for Good
10 Break It
11 Blind as a Bat
12 Bat Out of Hell
13 Band Introductions
14 It's All Coming Back To Me
15 Life is a Lemon
According to the Meat Loaf fans who attended this night, this might be Meat's best concert ever. Hell, even Meat himself mentioned this being one of his 3 favorite shows of all time. It's the amazing performance at the Royal Albert Hall in London on October 16, 2006. Part of the 'Bases are Loaded' tour which was a short 'pre Bat 3 tour'. The original show lasted just over 100 minutes and thanks to a lot of fans out there we managed to find 80 minutes of this enchanting evening. Creating this DVD was quite some work. A lot of 20 to 30 second clips, recorded by older phones, were the basic for this one. And because we're talking 2006, not all video had good quality. So the image quality on this DVD varies a lot. There are some very low quality shots combined with quite a few 'crystal clear' videos. In between there is a lot of average shots making this a -more than watch able- DVD. Audio is from the existing Royal Albert Hall bootleg and sounds nice. Unfortunately the show is not complete. And although it's amazing that we found so many short clips to make this, there is still a lot missing. Paradise misses a few minutes, You took the words has only a few snippets and so has Frying Pan. Anything for Love, Objects and Break It miss a few shots in the middle but are fair to watch. The second half of the DVD (the last hour) is almost complete though. So basically the first 20 minutes are a warm up for the rest of the show. And with mostly above average material it's a joy to watch. I tried my best to capture some of the magic of that night. And despite the material I had to work with, I am pleased with the end result. And for fans who've been there it might be a great ride to memory lane. None the less, it's an incomplete show with some very low video fragments. So I can't give it more than 3 out of 5 stars.
Running Time: 79 minutes