01 When I'm 64
02 Runnin' for the Redlight
03 Life is a Lemon
04 Dead Ringer (Patti Russo)
05 Dead Ringer
06Break It
07 Los Angeloser
08 The Giving Tree
09 Objects in the Rearview Mirror
10 Out of the Frying Pan
11 Bat Out of Hell
12 You Took the Words
13 Heaven Can Wait
14 All Revved Up
15 Two Out of Three
16 Paradise by the Dashboard Light
17 Speech
18 For Crying Out loud
19 Anything for Love
20 Boneyard/Freebird Jam
There is nothing wrong with the video and audio of this DVD. In fact the audio is as good as the Frankfurt DVD. And the video is shot with a high quality camera. The picture is clear and, although filmed from far away, the zoomed parts are sharp and show every detail you need to see. Unfortunately this was not Meat Loaf's best night. Meat felt terrible and walked off the stage after 'Life is a Lemon' leaving the band confused behind. After a few minutes they started playing the next song but Meat Loaf did not return and Patti had to sing 'Dead Ringer' alone. Then, as sudden as he disappeared, Meat returned, apologized and picked up where he left (So 'Dead Ringer' was played for the second time). Again Meat didn't feel well. And after the concert he admitted he wasn't able to give his all. Especially the first act suffered from this and although the 2nd Act was much better the performance made me give this 'only' 4 out of 5 stars.
Running Time: 158 minutes