01 Running for the Red Light
02 Life is a Lemon
03 Break It
04 You Took the Words
05 Dead Ringer
06 Los Angeloser
07 The Giving Tree
08 Out of the Frying Pan
09 All Revved Up
10 Paradise by the Dashboard Light
11 Bat out of Hell
12 Two Out of Three
13 Anything for Love
14 Boneyard
15 Freebird Jam
16 All Revved Up (Reprise)
Got this one from YouTube. It was uploaded in HD by the man who taped this concert. The show is from November 19, 2015. It's the almost complete concert. There are cuts/edits between almost every song. Not missing too much except for the intros of a few songs and the beginning of 'Two out of Three'. But overall it's a great recording. The video quality is amazing. I even dare to say that this is the best quality I've seen on any Meat Loaf bootleg. The colors are rich, the video is sharp and every detail is visible. It almost looks like a professional recording. Unfortunately there is a coming and going of people during the concert. People keep walking by all the time as if they use the venue as a hallway. The audio is okay. It has a slight distortion but vocals are clear enough. Based on the recording this bootleg could score very high. However, more than anything this recording shows how boring this tour was and how much energy it lacks compared to other Meat Loaf concerts. Meat sounds hoarse the songs are loud but uninspiring and the setting is like a high school stage.  So to sum it up: Video a 5, audio 3 and performance a 2. Still the amazing video makes me give this concert 4 out of 5 stars.
Running Time: 93 minutes