01 Running for the Red Light
02 Life is a Lemon
03 Break It
04 You Took the Words
05 Dead Ringer
06 Los Angeloser
07 The Giving Tree
08 Out of the Frying Pan
09 All Revved Up
10 Paradise by the Dashboard Light
11 Bat out of Hell
12 Two Out of Three
13 Anything for Love
14 Boneyard
15 Freebird Jam
16 All Revved Up (Reprise)
A compilation DVD of the 2015 tour concerts. This DVD contains all the songs played during the short tour that Meat Loaf gave in October/November of 2015. First part of the DVD has not the best Video but the second half is actually pretty good. Sound is very decent and comes from the Grand Prairie show from Dallas. Unfortunately this is not the most fantastic tour. The show can be compared best to the shows Meat gave in Newbury and Newmarket during the horse races. In my opinion the concerts lack energy, inspiration and freshness. The crowd on the DVD seem bored during most of the concert and the band members hardly get any time to shine. Cian Coey does a decent job as the female vocalist. You can tell Meat Loaf gives it his all but it's just not good enough to really make this show a great enjoyment. Because of that it barely gets 3 out of 5 stars.
Running Time: 95 minutes