01 Running for the Red Light
02 Life is a Lemon
03 You Took the Words
04 Dead Ringer
05 Los Angeloser
06 Out of the Frying Pan
07 All Revved Up
08 Paradise by the Dashboard Light
09 Bat out of Hell
10 Two Out of Three
11 Anything for Love
12 Promised Land
13 Freebird Jam
14 All Revved Up (Reprise)
This is the first real bootleg I got from the 2016 Live in concert tour. It was recorded at the Lynn Auditorium in Lynn, MA at March 23. The video was taken from the back of the venue so the video lacks much detail. During the concerts people tend to stand up at times blocking the view at the stage. The audio is sometimes out of balance and it's not always clear enough to hear Meat Loaf's voice. Los Angeloser is incomplete and Anything for love and Los Angeloser are from a different source. Also this registration is missing 2 songs. Break it and Giving Tree are not on this bootleg. So lots of issues on this bootleg. The show is about the same as the 2015 shows. With a few minor exceptions. Justin Avery is not joining the band. During this tour he became a father and stayed with his family. So Boneyard is not in the encore as it used to be since 2010. The song is replaced by a classic: Promised Land. The performance is the same as the other shows and lack the energy and interaction from earlier tours. Meat Loaf doesn't sound that good either. Yet the crowd is at times really into it and Paradise by the Dashboard light is clearly a fan favorite of the 2,000 people. All in all this recording is a bit of a letdown. Vocals hard to make out, video lacks detail and the performance is just okay. Being generous I am giving this 3 out of 5 stars
Running Time: 76 minutes