Well Hello there. Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Ad de Gier. I'm a 39 year old male and live in the Netherlands with Elke, my beautiful girlfriend. I'm a Meat Loaf  fan ever since my brother bought the Bat out of Hell record in the early 1980's. I remember that I wasn't allowed to borrow that record (I was just seven years old or so) so every time my brother listened to the album I tried to tape it with a microphone outside his door.

Halfway the 80's I lost track of Meat Loaf. And it wasn't until the release of  'I do Anything For Love' when I fell in love with his music again. The 2nd Bat album made me an instant fan and I tried to find all of his CD's. I'm not a big collector so I never bought the single CD's or compilation albums but I do have all the official album releases.

Years later I found my way on the internet and got familiar with bootlegs. Thanks to 'Michel' a member of the Dutch forum. That's when I started to collect bootlegs. That was also the time that I found out that trading bootlegs is 'big business' on the internet. And when you have nothing to share you hardly get what you like. So I made it my mission to share all my Meat loaf bootlegs with all the fans. I don't sell them and I don't share official releases out of respect to the artist. But I do share my bootlegs for free.

So I made a blog where you can find all sorts of bootleg download material (check it out on ) It's for all the fans who are having trouble collecting the hidden treasures behind the official material. It's easy to use and every time I find something new I post it on there. Which brings me to the idea of this website.

Recently I've become more 'active' again and I wanted to sort out all my material. I found a lot was missing due to a water leak/flood in my house which destroyed most of my covers. So now I'm on a mission to find all my lost material again and this website is mainly to catalogue it. For you, my loyal visitors, it's a way to read reviews of all the material both official and unofficial, share the latest news and just simply enjoy your visit.

Let's Never Stop Rockin'!