Meat Loaf: Vocals
Justin Avery: Piano, Organ, Keyboard, Synthesizer, Backing Vocals
Paul Crook: Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Keyboard, Synthesizer, Loop Programming
Randy Flowers: Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals
David Luther: Saxophone, Backing Vocals
John Miceli: Drums, Percussion
Danny Miranda: Electric and Upright Bass


There are things I have come to believe
Since the new resurection of love
There are visions I finally see
There are signs everywhere, they're below and above

There are things that I finally know
There are secrets and dreams never seen in the light
And we're suddenly plunged in the dark
Our soul is a beast that goes bump in the night

There are endless nights, they just go on forever
There are scars on scars that I know will never heal
There's relentless pain - it tortures me forever
I've got to pretend it ain't real

But at least it only hurts
At least it only hurts... only when I feel

It hurts only when I feel...