Dead Ringer Concert

01 Bat Out of Hell
02 Come in the Night/
Let the Revvels Begin
03 You Took the Words
04 Dead Ringer for Love
05 Read 'm and Weep
06 An American Guitar (speech)
07 All Revved Up
08 I'm gonna Love her for Both of Us
09 Peel Out
10 I Kill You if You don't Come Back
11 Two Out of Three ain't Bad
12 All Revved Up (reprise)
13 Promised Land
14 Gimme Shelter
SOURCE: PRO SHOT          -        GRADE (OVERALL):
Unfortunately there isn't a real concert DVD from Meat Loaf's 'Dead Ringer for Love Tour'. Well there is the bootleg from Dortmund 1981 and the VHS-rip from Wembley 1982, but both are under an hour and miss a lot of tracks. And to be fair, the Dortmund concert is horrible. Now there is a DVD that, at least, gives us an impression of how a Dead Ringer concert must have looked like. It's a compilation of different sources (with exclusive footage from the Dead Ringer movie, the Dead Ringer documentary and several TV performances -including a unique live performance of 'Read 'm and Weep' combined with the videos from Dortmund and Wembley). This has resulted in a 90 minute show. True the audio and video quality differs, depending on the source. And some of the TV performances look and feel small in opposite to the different concert videos. But this is the closest we'll get to experience this tour. Audio varies between stereo and mono sound. And the picture quality varies between very good and very poor video. But some of the rare performances and the fact that it looks like a concert makes me give this 2,5 (=3) out of 5 stars.
Running Time: 90 minutes