01 Love and Death of an American Guitar
02 All Revved Up
03 Dead Ringer For love
04 Bat Out Of Hell
05 All Revved Up (bonus)
06 Two Out of Three (bonus)


SOURCE: PRO SHOT          -        GRADE (OVERALL):
This is part from the Pop/Rock performance of Meat Loaf from 1981. This is in fact a BBC broadcast from the show and only contains 4 songs. Not so much wrong with the picture and sound quality. They are above average and decent. Nope it's Meat Loaf himself who's forcing me to give this show a poor rating. Meat sounds terrible here. It's more screaming in the microphone than it's singing. The only reason it gets 2 stars is because of the bonus footage from the Saturday Night Live broadcast of March 25th, 1978. Here Meat performs All Revved Up and Two Out of Three. I believe it's the first televised promotion for the Bat Out Of Hell album and Meat is really selling it. That is great stuff on it's own and deserved 3 stars. But Dortmund 1981.... Bleh
Running Time: 40 minutes