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1975-1991  Meat Loaf the Video Collection part 1 (pro shot)  
1992-2010  Meat Loaf the Video Collection part 2 (pro shot)  
1978-2011  Meat Loaf the Video Collection part 3 (pro shot)  
1983-2010  Meat Loaf the Video Collection part 4 (pro shot)  
06-11-1978  Live at Rockpalast in Germany (pro shot)
1981 The Return of Meat Loaf (TV Broadcast)  
1981  Dead Ringer the Movie (Video Rip)
12-19-1981 Meat Loaf  Live in Dortmund (pro shot)  
12-19-1981 Meat Loaf Live Pop Rock, Dortmund (pro shot)
04-29-1982 Meat Loaf Live (Wembley Video Release Rip) (pro shot)  
1985  ZDF Muzik Special (pro shot)
02-08-1985 Eighties Live TV (The Tube + Elvis Tribute) (pro shot)
02-16 1985  Bad Attitude Live (Video Release Rip) (pro shot)
1987  London Meltdown Concert (pro shot)
02-26-1987  Live Blind Before Sheffield 1987 (audience recording)
04-15-1988  Live in Vienna (audience recording)
06-26-1988   Live at Flushing Meadows (audience recording)
05-13-1989  Live in Slagharen, the Netherlands (pro shot)
10-01-1989   Live in St Petersburg, Fl (audience recording)
03-21-1991  Live at Toad's Place (pro shot)
08-28-1991  Live in Koln (audience recording)  
11-14-1993  History of Meat Loaf Live (pro shot)
11-26-1993 Meat Loaf Live in Toronto (audience recording)  
1994 Bat out of Hell II: Picture Show (Video Release Rip)  
1994   Marketing Meat Loaf (TV Broadcast)
02-21-1994 Live in Washington D.C. (audience recording)  
04-08-1994 Meat Loaf Live in Stockholm (audience recording)  
04-10-1994 Meat Loaf Live in Oslo (audience recording)  
04-28-1994  Live in Essen (audience recording)
07-29-1994  Live in Miami, Florida (audience recording)
10-23-1995  Live in the Neighbourhood (pro shot)
10-23-1995  Live in the Neighbourhood Alternate (pro shot)
11-09-1995 Meat Loaf Intimate and Interactive (pro shot)  
05-13-1996 Meat Loaf Live in Berlin Special (pro shot)  
05-20-1996  Meat Loaf Live in Dortmund (audience recording)
10-31-1998  London Studio Concert (pro shot)
1998 VH1 Behind The Music (TV Broadcast)  
06-02-1999  Meat Loaf at the Hard Rock Cafe (pro shot)
2000 Meat Loaf To Hell and Back (TV Drama)  
09-07-2001  Caesar's Palace, Atlantic City (audience recording)
12-08-2001  Night of the Proms Munchen (pro shot)
12-??-2001 Meat Loaf live at the Night of the Proms (pro shot)  
11-29-2002  Just Havin' Fun in Elmira (audience recording)
08-08-2003  Meat Loaf Live at Mexico City (pro shot)
07-06-2003 Party in the Park (pro shot)  
10-27-2006 Meat Loaf at Rockefeller Plaza 2006 (pro shot)  
06-27-2007 Meat Loaf Live in Amsterdam (audience recording)  
08-11-2007  Meat Loaf 3 bats Live in Gilford (pro shot)
2007 Meat Loaf at the Biography Channel (TV rip)  
2010  The Hang Cool US Tour (audience recording)
07-16-2010  Hang Cool Ultimate Live (pro shot/audience recording)
08-26-2010 Hang Cool in Dallas (audience recording)  
08-12-2010 Hang Cool in Los Angeles (audience recording)  
2010  Hang Cool in the UK Tour (audience recording)
12-05-2010  Hang Cool in Birmingham (audience recording)  
12-09-2010  Hang Cool in Manchester (audience recording)
12-11-2010  Two Nights - One Show (audience recording)  
12-18-2010  Hang Cool in Dublin (audience recording)
2010-2011   The Hang Cool Concert
04-29-2011  Live in Lancaster (audience recording)  
06-29-2011  Live at Summerfest 2011 (audience recording)  
07-29-2011 Passing Out in Pittsburgh 2011 (audience recording)  
07-31-2011  At the Festival of Ballooning 2011 (audience recording)
08-28-2011 Live in Council Bluffs 2011 (audience recording)  
2011 The Meat Loaf Pre-Game Performances (TV Broadcast)  
10-2011  The Guilty Pleasure Tour (audience recording)  
2012   TV Promotion Performances  
06-27-2012  Mad Mad World Tour 2012 (audience recording)
04-10-2012   Last at Bat 2013 from London (audience recording)
04-10-2012   Last at Bat 2013 from London DISC 2 (audience recording)
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1993 Meat Loaf in London  
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