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This is the BEST place to complete your Meat Loaf bootleg collection. 
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Experience the Meat Loaf Bootlegs HERE

If you understand Dutch this is the place to hang out. The Dutch fan forum site:

Meat Loaf On Line

Really professional fan site. Closes thing to an official website with news and goodies. Formerly known as 'Everything Louder'

The Iconic Meat Loaf

YouTube's authority on Meat Loaf video's/concerts has a website of his own.

WarioLoafs Meat Loaf review and fan site

This is from a German fan. This blog is trying to provide you with all info and covers of  vinyl-singles.

All Meat Loaf singles

From the same fan that put the Meat Loaf singles blog up. This time it's the most complete Meat Loaf bootleg list available on the web.

THE Meat Loaf Bootleg List

It's like an Encyclopedia but better. The (almost) complete Lyric archive has much more for your interest

The (Almost) Complete Meat Loaf and Jim Steinman Lyrics Archive 

For all the Jim Steinman fans. A new fanpage with everything you want to learn about Jim Steinman

The Jim Steinman Fan Page 

  If you want to read about reviews or wonder how good a concert was, visit this Meat Loaf review blog, with expanded concert reviews.

The Meat Loaf Concerts Reviews Page