01 Bat out of Hell
02 I'd Do Anything For Love
03 I'd Lie For You
04 You Took the Words
05 Paradise by the Dashboard Light
06 Is Nothing Sacred
07 Heaven Can Wait (bonus)


SOURCE: PRO SHOT          -        GRADE (OVERALL):
Personally I really like this DVD. It's sourced from a Dutch TV broadcast and both picture and sound quality are terrific. Meat sounds good and You Took the Words on this one is just great. Also I'd Lie For You  and Anything for Love are superb. Paradise is cut short in the dialogue but still funny. Patti looks pretty hot as a bride. As a bonus this DVD has Heaven Can Wait from the 'classic album' DVD. Live from the Netherlands.
Is Nothing Sacred seems a mimed promo for the Very Best of album. It still looks good on video. All in all a very enjoyable DVD. Short but sweet so to speak. I give it 4 stars.
Running Time: 48 minutes