01 Hot Patootie
02 Break It
03Bat Out Of Hell
04 Talk with the Audience
05 Peace on Earth
06 Living on the Outside
07 Los Angeloser
08 You Took the Words
09 Song of Madness
10 Rock And Roll Dreams
11 I'd Do Anything For Love
12 Audience Talk
13 Two Out of Three Ain't Bad
14 Paradise by the Dashboard Light
15 Boneyard
16 Why Don't We Do It in the Road
17 Mercury Blues
This is the second bootleg of this show. This bootleg only misses the Freebird Jam and All Revved Up from the encore. Boneyard is incomplete but the other songs are in full and all the Meat Loaf banter with the crowd is on this DVD. With that it's 30 minutes longer than the first bootleg and thus almost complete. Video is overall very decent. Many close up shot of Meat and the concert itself is a fun one at Meat Loaf's home ground. Audio is not fantastic. It has a continues distortion which you get accustomed to but it's not the audio you hope to get when the concert itself is so much fun. In fact I think this was one of the best shows Meat Loaf gave during this U.S. tour. Meat looks and sounds energetic. The crowd seems completely into it and there is plenty of interaction between Meat Loaf and the fans. The band is fantastic. This was the last tour with CC Colletti and the first of Danny Miranda and Justin Avery. You can tell everybody is having a great time at the House of Blues in Dallas. Also, the fact that it's a small venue gives the DVD a certain atmosphere as if you are right there in the crowd. What a shame the audio isn't any better. If the audio was good this would have ended up with a 5 star rating, for sure! Despite the bad audio but because of the great show and the very decent video this DVD still gets a very decent 3 out of 5 stars.
Running Time: 118 minutes