01 Hot Patootie
02 Break It
03 Bat Out Of Hell
04 Peace on Earth
05 Living On he Outside
06 Los Angeloser
07 You Took the Words
08 Song Of Madness
09 Rock And Roll Dreams
10 I'd Do Anything For Love
11 Two Out of Three Ain't Bad
12 Paradise by the Dashboard Light
13 Boneyard
14 Freebird Jam/All Revved Up
15 Dead Ringer for Love
One of the best audience recordings I've seen of any Meat Loaf concert. The recording is from the side of the stage so because of the angle you might need a bit to get used to it. But it's absolutely fantastic video and the sound is way above par. It's the complete concert without the 'talking bits'. But this one has all songs. Meat is also in great shape and that makes it so much more enjoyable. This gives a great impression of how good the Hang Cool Tour has been and how great Meat loaf sounds again. Because of the angle we also get a glimpse of what's going on behind the curtains during a concert. Personally I enjoyed that too. Because of the fantastic picture quality and the great sound quality I almost gave this the maximum rating. But because it's an audience recording it gets a mighty 4 out of 5
Running Time: 108 minutes