01 Dead Ringer For Love
02 I'd Do Anything For Love
03 I'd Lie for You
04 a Kiss is a Terrible thing to waste
05 Home by Now/No Matter What
06 Paradise by the Dashboard Light
07 Dead Ringer for Love
08 I'd Lie For you
09 Couldn't Have Said it Better
10 Anything For Love
11 Paradise by the Dashboard Light
12 Yellow Submarine
SOURCE: PRO SHOT          -        GRADE (OVERALL):
The Studio Concert is GREAT!. It's a bit surreal because the show is in an empty studio. I guess you can call it a rehearsal show. But the performances are great. So is the setlist. Meat sounds great and the interaction between Meat and Patti Russo is great. This is taped from Dutch TV so picture and sound quality are superb. Because the show was only 43 minutes long I added some bonus material. Dead Ringer is from TV's TFI Friday Live, I'd Lie for You is from Hard Rock 1999, Couldn't Have Said it Better is from Top of the Pops and the last three are all alternate versions from the Night of the Proms show. (They are not on my Proms DVD and all come from Belgian TV broadcast). The bonus stuff is pretty nice, the main concert superb! 5 out of 5 stars
Running Time: 80 minutes