01 Intro
02 Life is a Lemon
03 Where the rubber meets the road
04 I'd Lie For You
05 Amnesty is Granted
06 You Took the Words
07 Not a Dry Eye in the House
08 Bat Out Of Hell
09 Anything For Love
10 Heaven Can Wait
11 Paradise by the Dashboard Light
SOURCE: PRO SHOT          -        GRADE (OVERALL):
So I bet you wonder what is different from the other Live in the Neighbourhood version. And to be honest... not much. Same source (Dutch TV) different bonus songs though. And the sound is slightly better. Video is still superb. The other bootleg has a few and some minor soft audio clicks during the concert. This one is clean and thus you can say the audio is better. Bonus is also great. Anything for Love is from Berlin 1996, Heaven Can Wait from Rotterdam 1994 and Paradise from the History of Meat Loaf show from 1994. All Pro Shot. The Neighbourhood concert is Fabulous. Meat is also Fabulous. Again 5 out of 5 stars
Running Time: 80 minutes