01 Hot Patootie
02 Bat Out of Hell
03 You Took the Words
04 Anything for Love
05 Talk with Audience
06 Two Out of Three
07 Boneyard
08 Freebird Jam
09 All Revved Up
For some reason I love this bootleg. I know it's incomplete with it's 49 minutes. But the setting and the energy gets to me. This was recorded at the Festival of Ballooning on July 31, 2011. 3 days earlier Meat Loaf had collapsed on a Pittsburgh stage. The sun was burning hot on this afternoon at the festival but still Meat Loaf is rockin' hard. He sounds and looks energetic. The video is wobbly but the view on stage is great. It seems to be an older camera as the picture is full screen (4:3) and when the zoom is used the picture gets pixilated. But again the view is great. The audio is based on several sources. The video had terrible sound and new audio of the concert was placed over the video audio. Because the audio files had a different bit rate than the picture the video goes a little out of sync a few times but not too much. There is a lot of crowd cheering going on but the sound is overall clear and loud enough. The set list contains the great hits of Meat Loaf. So it's very easy to put this on. All in all I'm happy with the bootleg. 3 out of 5 stars
Running Time: 49 minutes