01 E! News Item
02 Bat Out of Hell
03 Meat Out Cold
04 You Took the Words
05 Dave Luther Sax Solo
06 Anything for Love
07 Talk with the Audience
08 Two Out of Three
09 Paradise by the Dashboard Light
10 Ending the Show
Both shocking and entertaining is what you can call this DVD. It starts with a short news break about Meat collapsing at stage and then we get to see an hour of the July 28 2011, Pittsburgh show. It starts with Bat out of Hell and the video taper seems pretty close to the stage. Great close-up footage. After Bat the video shows us Meat Loaf on his back being attended by his crew. He finally gets up and continues the show! Pretty heroic but unfortunately his voice did suffer from the incident. The video on this is great and the audio is pretty decent. Meat Loaf, obviously after fainting on stage, sounds weak. But he keeps his humor and Paradise by the Dashboard Light is both complete and entertaining. All in all a very nice DVD that gives a great impression of the night. Incomplete (missing 50 minutes of show) but it still deserves 3 out of 5 stars
Running Time: 63 minutes