01 Come In The Night/ Let the Revvels begin
02 Love and Death of an American Guitar
03 All Revved Up
04 Dead Ringer For love
05 Audience Talk
06 Two Out of Three
07 All Revved Up
08 Bat Out Of Hell
 09 Gimme Shelter
SOURCE: PRO SHOT          -        GRADE (OVERALL):
This is the entire Pop/Rock performance of Meat Loaf from 1981. A SAT3 TV broadcast. Horrible. No other words for it. In fact I found it so bad that I didn't give it it's own bootleg release. I put it as a bonus on the Wembley 1982 disc. Yet it's not the worst bootleg I have (that's one from 2007) but, beside the band, there is nothing enjoyable about this concert. Meat looks like he's under the influence of drugs or alcohol (or perhaps both). His voice is also terrible. This has nothing to do with singing. It's screaming loud through a microphone. Even I can do that... Picture and sound quality are ok. Not as good as the BBC broadcast from Dortmund 1981 (same concert) but not bad either. Typical VHS quality of an old TV recording.
Running Time: 54 minutes