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Name: Joel Falk
Concert Date: June 30, 2016
Venue: Calgary Jubilee Auditorium, Canada
Review: A lot has been said about Meatloaf's diminished vocal abilities, and they are true. However, this was still one of the best concerts I've been to. Yes, I'd have rather seen him when he was at his peak, but he still puts on a great show. Concert started exactly on time. The band was terrific. No warm-up band and no intermission. He performed for 75 minutes, then came back for a 30 minute encore. I've read that after his recent collapse, he is only allowed to perform for an hour and 45 minutes, and he did exactly that. Go, and just enjoy the show. Don't complain about how he's not as good as he used to be - he's 68 dammit! Appreciate him for the music he has created.
Name: Craig Levine
Concert Date: 10-26-2015
Venue: San Antonio, TX
Review: So here are my two cents. I really looked forward to the concert. Last time I've seen Meat Loaf perform was in 2010. A great show so I had my hopes up. I want to point out that I am a fan. I know the troubles that Meat Loaf has had with his voice so I was prepared for that.
What I witnessed was something I was not prepared for. But let me start with the positive. The band was great, Meat played most of the fan favorites and female vocalist Cian Coey did better than all the other Patti Russo predecessors. Unfortunately that's where the good ends. The sound in the venue was too loud, the sound of Meat Loaf too low. Perhaps on purpose. Meat Loaf sounded weak. The show was the least energetic Meat Loaf show I've ever seen (I saw 10+). Don't get me wrong, Meat Loaf gave it his all but the energy is gone. Also the energy of the band seemed less present this show. I've seen the arrangement of Frying pan at the Last at Bat shows in Europe which had a great sax solo. This was omitted completely, unfortunately nobody in the band had their moment. Only Justin Avery had a shortened piano solo during Two out of three. Occasionally a back-up track was noticeable to support Meat Loaf's vocals. It didn't help much. As for Cian, she is not Patti. But that's okay. I think she would be great as a bar singer (and I mean that with more respect than it sounds). Paradise by the dashboard light was her big moment. Where Patti always tended to play a frustrated but vulnerable woman Cian played it as a complete psycho b**** And that worked well. But with a song like Anything for love you can tell that she lacks the debt and experience of Patti Russo. Most disappointing to me though was the lack of interaction with the crowd. Meat Loaf knows how to play the audience but during this concert there was no interaction at all. Except for a few people up front everybody was seated almost during the entire concert. Many people left early and a lot of empty seats were visible from the beginning. Many of the people seemed bored and uninterested in whatever happened on stage. It was a bit surreal to witness. I wanted to make a few recordings for your website but security was extremely tight. But I can assure you that you didn't miss much. This must have been the worst concert I've ever been to of any artist. I wish I could turn back time and didn't go. The person in the post below ended his review by saying that Meat Loaf still brings it. Based on the show from San Antonio I have to say that Meat Loaf has lost it.
Name: Dean
Concert Date: October 31, 2015
Venue: Marksville, LA
Review: After reading some of the negative reviews, I approached this show with great trepidation. I have been a fan since the 1970s, but had never seen Meat Loaf live. And all the reports of off key singing made me think, well, I've wasted my time and money. However, I was REALLY pleasantly surprised. The band was great (as has been noted elsewhere), but I found that Meat Loaf really hit the notes in his repertoire pretty much on the money. I would say if you want the album experience, listen to the albums. This was different, and great as an overall concert experience. The show is short (90 minutes), so be aware of that. Maybe the reviewers in Dallas below this review expect a little more (I've been to that venue, very nice). I was on the front row, which was great fun, and watched Meat work throughout the set, rest his voice, lubricate his vocal chords, and get back to the mic. Just a great, fun experience. So, if you have tickets for this tour, just go and have fun. Of course he doesn't have the same pipes from 40 years ago, but he still brings it.
Name: Bill4par
Concert Date: October 28, 2015
Venue: Verizon - Grand Prairie, TX
Review: Went with the wife. Longtime Meat fans. Sorry to say this was a disappointing experience. Meat, if your grading your own paper on this, you have had better nights. Not sure how many dates you have for 2016 but I would reevaluate tour.
Name: Gabe
Concert Date: October 28, 2015
Venue: Verizon center Dallas
Review: This was the worst concert I have ever been to. By far. I mean it's a quantum leap to second place. Not even mentioning the cheesy costume (jacket) changes and the forever present roadies all over the stage, THE MAN CAN'T SING. He just can't sing. If he hit a note it was by coincidence. The songs (which I have loved for decades) were barely recognizable in many cases. The band and (excellent) back-up singer carried him as best they could but when Meat sang??? it just truly sounded like walruses mating. Surely he must know how terrible he sounds, the man has ears. Does he need the money THAT bad??? Save yourself a few bucks and listen to his great CD's. This whole experience was just BAD. Equivalent to root canal. Save yourself a beyond disappointing experience.
Name: Dave Booker
Concert Date: October 23, 2015
Venue: San Diego Temecula
Review: Really enjoyed the show and wish it had been longer. Crowd was really into it. Amazing musicians. Drummer. Piano Player. Sax. Guitars. All incredible. Young lady cranking out the duets was cute and had a great voice. Seemed to really enjoy the performance. The sound mix was so-so. Sometimes overwhelming Meatloaf's vocals and perhaps this was by intent. It seemed to us he was putting in a great deal of effort to struggle through the set. And yet...for some reason...that seemed to us to almost make the show. I really wish they had pulled out a few more old favorites and dropped some of the less familiar songs but overall we had a blast. Thanks you Meatloaf and everyone involved in the production for a great show!
Name: Glen Miller
Concert Date: October 16, 2015
Venue: Route 66 Casino, Albuquerque, NM
Review: Performance was good, but sound levels and lighting were very poor. Could not understand lyrics and background/backup music/singers drowned out the Star. Light show was far too bright and shone into the audience--gave my husband and I both headaches. Have been to two other concerts at this venue and raved about sound clarity of both of them. TV on large screens was of poor quality.
Name: Les Noland
Concert Date: May 1978
Venue: Veterans Memorial Colliseum, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Review: I can't be sure about the date but it was definitely late spring as I had just bought a new Motorcycle and was out taking it for a spin. I was new to Cedar Rapids -- I'd moved there in January and it was a bit of a cold winter so I hadn't gotten out to see much of the area yet. While riding into the downtown area, I spotted a sign, "Concert tonight - Meat Loaf", and hit the brakes so hard I almost laid down my new bike -- I had just bought "Bat Out of Hell" a month or two prior and loved it and now, here was an opportunity to see Meat Loaf in concert . . . if they only had any tickets left. I went up to the box office and they sold me a ticket -- it was only 15 minutes until showtime so I scrambled inside hoping to find a decent seat. There was no need to rush -- there were probably less than 100 people in a hall which could easily sit 1000. I quickly discovered why -- it was probably the worst hall for seeing a show I have ever seen. Unless one wanted to sit or stand on the floor (which I did not), over half of the available seats could be described as "obstructed view" due to these large pillars supporting the ceiling. I feared they were going to cancel the show since I doubted they'd made enough money to pay for the electricity, but the show started on time. When Meat Loaf hit the stage it was incredible -- his voice was every bit as good as on the album and I recall that he sang pretty much the entire album. I think he threw in a song or two I had not heard before as well. The onstage chemistry with Karla DeVito was sizzling and the band was tight. It's been a great many years so my memory is a bit spotty but the one thing I remember well, because it impressed me so completely that it has become the standard by which I have judged other acts for years: Meat Loaf was the absolute consummate professional. I've seen a lot of acts play before sold-out crowds, treat the audience with disdain, and then phone in their performance like they couldn't wait to blow town. Here, Meat Loaf was performing to a mostly empty house, which had to be disheartening at best, but he performed as if it was a sold-out baseball stadium. The only acknowledgment, if you want to call it that, which he made about the size of the crowd is that he interacted with a number of people on the front row more as if he were performing in a club rather than in a hall. It was an incredible night and I have remembered it fondly for nearly 40 years now.
Name: Melinda
Concert Date: February 2014
Venue: Planet Hollywood
Review: I saw Meatloaf in concert at Planet Hollywood. He was awesome! Thank you for the experience. I hope to see you again in 2015 in Las Vegas.I hope the dates will be posted soon. Rock On!
Name: George
Concert Date: 5/04/14
Venue: SECC, Glasgow, Scotland
Review: I went to see Meat Loaf perform live at the SECC in Glasgow. It was the first ML concert I ever went to, and the only. He was ok but nothing like he was in the 70's-90's. He's past it now, but it was still exciting, when you think about it, Meat Loaf was in the same room as me. The second half of the concert ML and the NE performed the classic 7 songs from Bat Outta Hell. I give the show a medium "3 outta 5"
Name: Lori and Ben
Concert Date: 10th June 2013
Venue: Plamet Hollywood casino, Las Vegas
Review: My husband bought me tickets for our 15th wedding anniversary. We are both fans of Meat Loaf (not Meatloaf) and I was very exited. Unfortunately the show wasn't anything we hoped for. Meat Loaf talked more than he sang. And I think he was a sick. He looked tired and his voice was shot. Maybe that's the reason he talked so much?
Name: Larry
Concert Date: March 2013
Venue: Las Vegas
Review: I wrote this review for another place but I hope you're going to post it here too.
I consider myself a Meat Loaf fan. And I knew this was not a concert but a show. So I was prepared when I came to Vegas for this.
There is this thing with Meat Loaf. His singing voice is almost gone. He can hit notes but he can't keep a tune. So he has to make it up with an intense show and he used to have a safety net called Patti Russo. For this show... both are nowhere to be found.
That's the problem really. Meat wanted to do a Vegas show. Not a concert. There is just one problem... He's no 'show material' which became painful obvious during this event.
Hiding behind gadgets and poor comedy, the actor/singer never really 'took off'. The songs were poorly sung and the intensity, that he is known for, was nowhere to be found. Meat Loaf seemed almost uninterested although I doubt that is the real truth. I'm sure Meat Loaf tried, it was just not convincing.
One of the issues I had is that Meat Loaf isn't a great actor and it's painful obvious what is rehearsed and what is not. Meat 'acts' his way through the show. Unfortunately he doesn't seem to understand that there is a reason why he is a C+ or maybe a B actor at best. He clearly overestimates himself on this stage and it doesn't work out in a good way.
Meat is also not the funniest person but he tries to do some sort of 'comedy' on that stage which is almost embarrassing to watch. I saw people laughing politely a few times but his anecdotes and stories aren't interesting or funny enough to keep your attention. In fact there seems to be a bitter tone underneath it all. Not too pleasant.
Then there is variety. Watching it I had the feeling this was just time filler and trying to give the audience the Vegas-feel. But even the variety had some sort of B-grade over it. Almost as if you were watching a minor-league game.
The 'concert' part itself suffered from the set-up of the show. You never really got into it. And with this concept, more than ever, Meat's lack of singing ability ruins the experience even more.
Meat has two female backing vocals. They are fun to watch but they can't help/carry Meat Loaf when he really needs the help. As I mentioned earlier, Meat had his safety net in former vocalist Patti Russo. Supposedly fired because she got to big for the band and too popular for Meat Loaf's likings. At least she was able to make Meat look good. Neither of the current singers have that ability. And with the state his voice is in, he needs that.
So all in all I was very disappointed to see this show. We had tickets for a second show but I will not go through this again. It's a real shame Meat has scooped to this level of poorness, I suppose for a bag of money.
I have always been a fan of the singer/performer during concerts. And although his voice isn't worse than during the Last at Bat or Mad Mad World Tour, these shows delivered despite his lacking ability to keep a tune. The concerts of Meat used to be dynamic, powerful and intense. This Vegas show is the opposite and even boring at times.
After the show I tried to get some impressions from other people. And the regular crowd seemed to agree a lot with me. I only heard different opinions from die-hard fans. So I guess you need to be a real die-hard fan to remotely enjoy this performance in Vegas. In any other case I advise you not to buy a ticket and spend your money on anything else.
This show gets 2 stars. 0 stars for Meat Loaf himself. Not because of the lack of effort but for the lack of ability. and 2 stars for the band performance.
Meat Loaf, if you ever read this, Your Vegas show is a lemon... and I want my money back!!!
Name: Lisa
Concert Date: June 2012, March 2014
Venue: The Wiltern, Los Angeles and Planet Hollywood Las Vegas
Review: I didn't like the Vegas show. So forget that one. But the 2012 concert was fantastic. Meatloaf played most of his hits with some new songs that we didn't know. The music was a bit loud and it was hard to hear the vocals at times. But the band is fantastic. It's such a shame they fired Patti. I would have loved to see her again in Vegas.
Name: Markham
Concert Date: 20th May 2013
Venue: Nottingham Arena, Nottingham England
Review: I hadn't been to see Meat since 2008 as in my opinion he'd lost it... and I vowed after the show never to see meat again, but that was five years ago and I felt the urge to go to this show, as it was in two parts, one songs from various albums and second part the iconic sexually overblown and diffusely bombastic Bat Out Of Hell... If I don't go I'll regret it... So I bought a ticket Block C (ahh...) that was out in the car park) to cut a very very long story short... the concert was rescheduled from April to May... I bought another ticket for the show for the tiers just at side of stage and sold the other ticket on ebay... The concert began... I knew the setlist kind of thing because THIS GREAT SITE had the shows booted... The concert began and I began to get a lump in my throat as this would be the last concert of Meats and never see him live again.. anyway with me being on the tiers I stood up and the woman sitting next to me did too, their were a minority of people standing up on the tier side... (its a concert.. that's what you do!!) ( and no.. security didn't tell me to sit down). The first half finished The lights darkened and it began with clips in order of the album from Classic Albums... What I noticed was there was silence from the arena every time a clip came on.. The intro to Bat Out Of Hell started, just he sang the song, the piano intro must have been a minute or more before he started singing.... great to see Batty Bob again... Before Heaven Can Wait, gave an emotional speech about how Earl Shuman had died and he was godfather to his daughters... What I did notice was every clip shown there was silence, no cheering or shouting.. the audience digested the clips with interest and devotion!!! I think My favourite was For Crying Out Loud.. I just love the song.. so filled with emotion.. Meatís voice, ok not note perfect... not by a long shot, but glad I was there to see Meat Loaf one last time.. He gave it all he could..!!! On the whole.. I thought it was a lasting special memory that will last forever..
Name: Gerhard Baumann
Concert Date:
May 08 2013
Oberhausen, Germany
Amazing night. Meat Loaf sang all his greatest hits after the break. All the bat out of hell songs and anything for love. I was standing in the middle of the arena and only a few meters from the front. Meat Loaf sounded great and the band was just the best. The crowd was really enjoying them. What a fantastic night!
Name: Steinman Fan
Concert Date:
December 2013
Las Vegas
Meatloaf sounds horrible. Sorry but the dude can't sing anymore. And what is with all the talking. They played like 7 songs and not even 2 out of 3. He can't keep a tune and overall it sounds more like he was mumbling and screaming. At least the two back up singers were hot and able to sing. It was just embarrassing to see Meatloaf raping his own songs. I saw people walk out after 20 minutes! I should have done that. This is not a show people should see! I hope you are posting this!
Name: Ad de Gier
Concert Date:
May 11 2013
Zwolle, the Netherlands
After the review of Michael, I wanted to re-share my review from my last concert. Which was also a Last at Bat show.

I was very pleased when my wife got me a ticket for the Dutch concert in Zwolle on May 11. I had some reservations on going because London was a great closure to me. The last show before that one was the concert in Amsterdam in 2008. Which is the worst performance I'd ever seen from any artist, closely followed by the Dutch Meat Loaf concert from a year earlier in Amsterdam.

Despite my reservations I traveled to Zwolle. I got less enthusiastic when I saw the venue. De Ijsselhallen in Zwolle is nothing more but a big barn. Small and low. What a strange place for a concert. It was also bad organized and almost got complete out of hand during entry, where they let people in to hold them locked in a small room before the concert hall. It still makes me mad. It almost seems like the crew thought we were cattle ready to be brought to the slaughterhouse.

Anyway, when we were allowed in I rushed to find a front row space so again I had a great spot to watch the concert. And without going into detail too much, I want to share some of the moments of that night.

First of, Meat's voice sounded much better (than London). Objects, Heaven can Wait and For Crying out Loud sounded reasonable and didn't make me cringe like it did in London. The show had clearly evolved and the little stories, that Meat told felt more natural (less rehearsed) and authentic. It was always clear to me that the emotional parts are acted and I think I understand why. Meat Loaf knows he can't sing certain songs the way they should. Being 'emotional' gives him an excuse which worked really well. A genius move!

The show had the exact same set list and the vocal performance of Meat Loaf was clearly better than London. Because of the small (and especially low) venue, the LED screen lost some of it's supportive power. They couldn't hang the screen up high and therefore it partially disappeared behind the band, missing a clear view on the video's.

At the end the show lasted 2 hours and 34 minutes and was one of the best shows of this tour. I rate this show with 8.5 (out of 10) and when I walked out to go home I was actually overwhelmed with joy. This was the closure I so desperately wanted. Perhaps one of the best 5 performances that Meat had given since 2004. What a night to say goodbye to the man, who's music I enjoyed for such a long time. What a great night to be a Meat Loaf fan.

This tour has given me lots of joy and with plenty of great bootlegs I can relive those moments again for, hopefully, a long time to come.
Name: Michael
Concert Date:
April 2013
O2 Arena, London
Review: Great option. I was at the Last at Bat concert in London. I hadn't seen Meat Loaf in over a decade. But hearing the entire Bat album live was something I had to see. Meat Loaf's voice has suffered a lot since I last saw him in 2001 and at times his singing was just awful. The band was fantastic and I adore his female back singer. The first part of the show was rushed but I came for act 2. The Bat songs. Honestly, I left the arena disappointed. Songs like Heaven can Wait and For crying out loud sounded terrible. During For crying out loud, Meat had to read the words from a paper. After he told us that this was his favorite love song he didn't even know the words to it? Anything for love was a great encore. Patti Russo, the female singer, really makes a difference. Meat Loaf should be her back up singer. After the show I felt a bit sorry for Meat Loaf. Songs like Bat out of Hell still rock the crowd off their feet, but the big guy just can't hit a decent note anymore. This was my last Meat Loaf concert for sure