01 Masculine (fades in)
02 You Took the Words
03 Dead Ringer (incomplete)
04 Midnight at the Lost and Found
05 All Revved Up
06 Heaven can Wait
07 Paradise by the Dashboard Light
08 Rock n' Roll Medley (fades out)
09 Interview with Meat Loaf
SOURCE: PRO SHOT          -        GRADE (OVERALL):
Being Dutch this concert has extra special meaning to me. Any Meat concert in the Netherlands is great for me but when it's taped on DVD I simply must have it. Slagharen is from the tour just before the big comeback. And Meat is already hinting about the new Bat album. But let's stay focused on the concert itself. It's pro shot but almost looks like an audience recording. Shot with one camera just like Toad's Place. The sound starts out terrible but soon becomes soundboard quality. Unfortunately it's not complete. The concert starts halfway Masculine and Dead Ringer and the Rock n Roll medley are also incomplete and fade out. Paradise misses a few seconds during the play-to-play sequence. All Revved Up is very entertaining though. In fact the concert itself is very energetic and lots of fun. The running time is just short of 90 minutes but we get a 14 minute exclusive interview with Meat.. Despite an incomplete concert with partial bad audio I had to give it a 4 stars out of five grade.
Running Time: 101 minutes