01 Hot Patootie
02 Break It
03 Bat Out of Hell
04 Talk with Audience
05 Peace on Earth
06 Living on the Outside
07 Los Angeloser
08 You Took the Words
09 Song of Madness
10 Rock and Roll Dreams
11 Anything for Love
12 Two Out of Three
13 Paradise by the Dashboard Light
14 Band Introduction
15 All Revved Up
16 Dead Ringer for Love

With all the bootlegs of the Hang Cool Tour it's always nice to get a good one. And this is a good bootleg. Apparently the taper went to two shows and filmed (almost) all the songs over these two nights to combine them as one concert. Footage is from the Manchester show (Dec 9) and Dublin show (Dec 18) from the 2010 Hang Cool Tour. The camera guy was pretty close to the stage on both shows and the audio is also very clear. All in all a very nice bootleg DVD with an (almost) complete show.. Not the same footage as on the Manchester DVD or the Dublin DVD that are also in my collection. I don't think 'Break It' was taped by the same camera guy (or it was from a different concert) but it does fit in nice here. And in all honesty, the Dublin video's are quite 'shaky' at most parts. But in the end I'm sure you will enjoy this DVD just like I did. Another good Hang Cool DVD to have. Picture and sound make me rate this 4 out of 5 stars
Running Time: 105 minutes