01 Midnight at the Lost and Found
02 Modern Girl
03 Anything for Love
04 Objects in the Rearview Mirror
05 I'd Lie For You
06 Not a Dry Eye in the House
07 Dead Ringer
08 I Couldn't Have Said it Better
09 Did I say That
10 Promised Land
11 Anything For Love
12 Living on the Outside
13 Rock and Roll Dreams
SOURCE: PRO SHOT          -        GRADE (OVERALL):
On this fourth DVD we find 9 great performances on Top of the Pops. There are also 4 bonus videos on this DVD from different live stage shows. The Top of the Pops video are from between 1983 and 1996 and are of decent quality. A few videos are actually very good. The bonus material has very good picture and sound quality as well. The Video Collection series really have some great and rare clips on them and this DVD is a great addition! Again  4 out of 5 stars.
Running Time: 60 minutes