01 Mad Man Escapes Speech/
Out of the Frying Pan
02 Masculine
03 You Took the Words
04 Come in the Night/Let the Revvels Begin
05 Original Sin/Bad for Good
06 Modern Girl
07 Dance in My Pants
08 Instrumental/Come in the Night
09 Gonna Love her for Both of Us
10 Lost Boys and Golden Girls
Let's start with the bad first: The quality is obviously from an old VHS with color schemes continuously present. Then there is the fact that it's incomplete. The concert footage ends during Lost Boys and Golden Girls so that one is incomplete as well.
Now the Good: WHAT A GREAT CONCERT! Meat sounds great, the band is great and the setlist kicks ass! Some great speeches in between. It's just great fun. What a shame we don't have a pro shot of this one!
Sound is good but video is aged and the angle is static. We see a lot from up-close though. It's filmed from in between the crowd a few rows from the stage. There are moments we just see the back of people's heads but there are also some great close-ups. This is a real treasure because as far as I know there isn't much concert footage from this tour. Concert deserves 5 stars but the picture quality isn't good enough for that and the concert is incomplete. That's why I give it 4 out of 5 stars
Running Time: 90 minutes