01 Anything for Love
02 You Took the Words
03 All Revved Up
04 Rock and Roll Dreams
05 Two out of Three
06 Out of the Frying Pan
07 Wasted Youth Speech
08 Life is a Lemon
09 Heaven can Wait
10 Talk with the Audience
11 Objects in the Rearview Mirror 12 Bat out of Hell
This is a great audience recording for it's time. Filmed from the balcony at the center of the stage and not too many rows away. Sometimes we get to see the back of heads but overall this is great filming. We see enough of the facial expressions because of the many close-up shots. Sound is much better than the Oslo and Miami 1994 DVD's. And picture quality is also (slightly) better. Unfortunately it's not complete. I noticed a minor cut during the 'audience talk' sequence. And Paradise is missing from this also. But the quality of the show makes up for this. I know there are some copies out there with Paradise and I would still be very interested in that one. So if you have it contact me please. This is the best of the Everything Louder Tour audience shots that I own. So one star more than the others. 4 out of 5.
Running Time: 116 minutes